Final Fantasy Rebirth : Worlds Collide
"After ShinRa's utter destruction as well as Sephiroth's fifteen years prior the world of Gaia went into peace for a while. No wars, no battles, nothing, just the world of Gaia. Soon, ten years passed since the Calamity and ShinRa were gone, and as this did come two worlds began to merge into Gaia. Final Fantasy VIII & IX. After five years, a ripple effect went into play. This was unexpected and unheard of. Many of the fallen FFVII characters were brought back from the Life Stream. Sephiroth, Hojo, & Jenova were among this group.

Before Sephiroth had been defeated he had taken a warrior woman by force and conceived with her a daughter, a daughter named Sathira. Cloud had taken her away and raised her by help of Tifa. She never knew her parents only that her mother was dead due to unknown men murdering her. Hojo had researched and found Jenova, telling her of this child. Since Sephiroth was back he is in search of his child as is Jenova. Both substantially evil once again, and just as powerful.

Not too long after a child was "born" appearing three years old when the life stream was so wide and far stretched out that when it return to normal he was there. He seems to hold a strange connection to the lifestream. His name is lunix. As to why he is there it is uknown. Rumors fly around about mako from thin air. As well he was discovered on "birth" by an Ex-SOLDIER who became his guardian and father. Since then not much has been seen of either."

What Side will you be on?

Final Fantasy Rebirth : Worlds Collide

The primary world is Midgard from Final Fantasy VII. It brings in aspects of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX. Cannons as well as OCs will be more than welcome. The worlds of final fantasy have collided. The battle against Jenova has started over.
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 Chapter IX: Job Classes

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Espers- Espers were created as a result of humans coming into contact with magic and the Warring Triad during their war for dominance. The gods realized what they were doing was wrong, and sealed themselves away in the forms of statues. They gave the espers back their free will, and asked them to protect them. A second war began between espers and humans seeking to use their powers, beginning the War of the Magi. At the height of the war the espers created a new realm and escaped there with the Warring Triad's statues.

A handful of espers remained in the world, such as Valigarmanda, who was frozen in ice, and Odin, who was petrified in the Ancient Castle buried deep within the mountains. Ramuh lived in the human world for an unspecified time, using his humanoid appearance to blend into normal society, and he implies other espers do the same. The espers' magicite remains also remained, such as Ragnarok and Phoenix. As the remaining espers concealed their existence, the knowledge of magic faded from conscious mind and became the stuff of legends and myths.

SOLDIER- SOLDIER is the elite fighting force of Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII. They are advanced super-soldiers with superhuman strength, speed, and agility. Much stronger than the Shinra Peacekeeping Troops and the Turks, Shinra uses them for special missions that require the greatest use of strength.


Summoners- Summoners are known for their ability to summon magical beasts to fight for the party. In games with summoners as part of the storyline, summoner ranks exist, such as Conjurer and High Summoner. Summoners generally have some of the lowest physical stats in the game and but also the highest magical stats. Their weapon arsenal varies by game, but most games show them equipping rods, staves, daggers, and sometimes whips. They sometimes wear robes of green and white, and in some games summoners bear large horns growing out of their foreheads. If this horn is natural, or part of their outfit, such detail varies from game to game; a common reoccurring theme are that the horns allow summoners to communicate with their otherworldly hosts.

Archers- The Archer is a job that appears in various games in the Final Fantasy series. They wield bows in battle and uses status ailments to attack. Archers overlap slightly with Rangers, as both specialize in bow weapons and share two trademark abilities, Barrage and Aim.

The main difference is that Archers are exclusive to Ivalice, with the exception of Final Fantasy XIV, and specialize in status and elemental attacks while Rangers focus on being strong, ranged, physical attackers.

Bards- Bards are characterized as wearing lightweight tunics and feathered hats. The Bard's signature weapon is the harp, but they are often able to equip other types of instruments, especially in more recent games. Their ability is Sing, which allows them to sing and play songs that have various effects. The songs usually boost the Bard's party in battle, but some songs target enemies instead. Another ability attributed to the Bard is Hide, which allows the Bard to hide in battle.

When hidden, a Bard cannot perform actions, but is invincible. In some games, such as Final Fantasy Tactics, only males can be Bards - females become Dancers. In the majority of games, however, either sex can be a Bard. Bards often oppose Dancers in utility: Bards focusing on positive support for the party and providing buffs, while Dancers focus on negative support against the enemy, providing debuffs and status effects.

Beastmasters- The Beastmaster, also known as Trainer or Mediator, is a Job class that appears in various titles in the series. Beastmasters are characterized by wearing clothing similar to one who works with animals. Beastmasters have been known to use weapons from daggers to axes to whips. Their stats are usually physical in nature and their abilities include the ability to catch monsters and release them on their opponents, and can also Control the actions of opponents and lure them away.

Beserkers- The Berserker is a recurring Job in the Final Fantasy series. In all of its appearances, they wear animal furs, and tend to be more revealing on the female characters. Berserkers take their name from the Berserk status, which they very often actively or passively fall into. However, their statistics, particularly their physical ones, are usually much higher than those of other Jobs.

Black Mages- The Black Mage is a Job class in the Final Fantasy series, and is featured in several installments.

Black Mages wear outfits similar to classic wizards, consisting of blue robes and pointy hats, usually yellow or brown. Their faces are not visible in the shade of their hats, except for their eyes which shine brightly. A Black Mage's primary ability is to cast Black Magic, which usually consists of attack spells, but also contains some effect spells.

Blue Mages- Blue Mages, as their name implies, focus on Blue Magic, a special subset of Magic that allows them to use attacks otherwise exclusive to enemies. While an odd choice, Blue Mages often have a wide range of usefulness due to the varied spells they gain. Blue Mages usually learn Blue Magic by having enemies (or occasionally, another Blue Mage ally) use it on them, but some games have other methods to learn their magic. Blue Mages benefit greatly from the ability to Control monsters, reducing the chance involved in waiting for a monster to use their skill on the Blue Mage.

Chemists- The Chemist, also known as an Alchemist or Salve-Maker, is a job that appears in various games in the series. Chemists are often characterized as wearing yellow robes.

Their main weapons are daggers, guns, and rods. They are best known for their abilities involving various items. Usually, this involves having an exclusive access to special items, doubling the potency of recovery items, and most importantly, their unique ability Mix allows them to combine two items into one. They also can heal party members for free.

Dark Knight- The Dark Knight is characterized by wearing tight, sometimes enclosed black armor and wielding a sword steeped in wicked powers. Their physical stats, with exception of Defense, are usually high, but their other stats depend on the game they appear in. The typical Dark Knight ability is Souleater, also known as Darkness, which allows them to sacrifice their HP to perform stronger attacks.

However, Souleater is not exclusive to the Dark Knight class. Dark Knights may also have abilities based on Blood Equipment that allows them to absorb HP and MP from enemies. The Dark Knight is opposed by the Paladin, holy knights who protect allies and wield sacred powers. Unlike many classes, Dark Knights bear a signature weapon, the Deathbringer, which has a chance to kill certain enemies in a single blow.

Dragoon- Dragoons are powerful physical attackers that wield various types of spears and lances. They wear special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon's head, spikes, and wing and scale designs. Dragoons are sometimes more directly tied to dragons, such as owning them as pets or otherwise befriending them.

The trademark ability of Dragoons is Jump, which allows them to leap into the air, avoiding attacks while airborne, and descending later to impale enemies and deal heavy damage. Some Dragoons can upgrade Jump to Double Jump, which does increased damage. Another recurring Dragoon ability is Lancet, sometimes called Dragon Sword, which allows them to attack an opponent and drain their HP and MP to heal themselves. Sometimes Dragoons will be able to use various types of Breath abilities to either deal elemental damage or heal their allies.

Elementalist- The Elementalist is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series, and one of the many classes that had their debut in the Tactics Advance series. Like their name shows, they use the powers of the elements in battle.

Gunners- Gunners are a relatively new addition to the series - Guns first appeared in use by two party members in Final Fantasy VII, and were not made a formal Job class until Final Fantasy X-2. Gunners specialize in hitting opponents from afar, usually disabling them. Another popular Gunner ability is shooting magic out of their guns, causing elemental damage.

Also, Gunners have very high Accuracy, rarely missing their targets. The downside is that Gunners do not deal as much damage as other Jobs, since guns do not usually rely much on the Gunner's actual Attack stats. However, they deal as much damage in the back row as they do in the front. Gunners somewhat parallel the Rangers seen in earlier entries of the series.

Knights- The Knight job is generally seen as an upgrade to the Warrior, but lacks the strict offensive focus of the job, gaining supportive abilities.

Knights are characterized by equipping swords, knives, knight swords, shields, and heavy armor, and having high physical stats. Knights normally appear clad in heavy armor and battle circlets. Knights can use Cover to protect his team, as well as low-rank White Magic.

Monks- Monks are characterized by their affinity for fighting bare-handed. The few weapons they use consist of claws and knuckles that strap onto their hands. Despite their preference to fight without weapons, Monks can deal just as much damage in battle as any other physical class like Warriors or Dragoons, thanks to their massive physical strength. Monks wear light clothing consisting of robes and hats, and cannot equip heavy armor.

To make up for this lack of protection, Monks have a high amount of HP compared to other classes. Because of the minimal use of armor and weaponry, Monks are one of the cheapest classes to maintain and require little investment in new equipment. Monk abilities include Kick, which damages all enemies, Chakra, which heals the Monk and/or their allies, and they can increase their attack strength with the usage of Focus or Boost. Monks are also able to Counter physical attacks, and in later games have individual skillsets of various special techniques.

Ninjas- Ninjas are characterized by wearing cowls that cover their mouths and head, and lightweight armor. Their weapons include ninja blades, katana, and throwing weapons. Physically they are strong and have high Speed, but their HP and Defense are low. Their special ability is Throw, which lets them throw weapons including shuriken and magical scrolls to do high damage, but in most cases, the item thrown is consumed.

In some installments, Ninjas are able to wield specialized Ninjutsu abilities. They usually have methods of nullifying physical attacks by creating illusions, and are able to equip two weapons at once.

Ninjas are often related to the Thief class, and usually are an improvement or branch of that class.

Necromancers- Necromancers are a recurring Job class in the Final Fantasy series. While only selectable as a Job in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, they appear as part of the story in the world of Final Fantasy XI and as enemies in numerous games. They summon the Undead, or change living creatures into undead, to attack as well as using various other offensive dark magical arts. Often, they don't just create or summon the undead, but are undead themselves as well. (SATHIRA MUST APPROVE)

Paladins- The Paladin is a sacred knight, and acts as a counterbalance to the Dark Knight. Paladins equip heavy swords and armor, and use special swords that have been imbued with sacred power. They generally can use basic White Magic spells, and have the ability to Cover allies whose HP are low. Some games also give Paladins the Seiken skillset, giving them the power to strengthen and protect allies and attack enemies with holy-themed attacks. As Dark Knights wield the Deathbringer, the holy-sword Excalibur is sometimes associated with Paladins. Another common Paladin weapon is the Save the Queen.

Rangers- Rangers are mostly known for their ability to equip various ranged weapons to attack, primarily bows. Their most consistent special ability is called Barrage or Rapid Fire. With this ability, the Ranger can attack multiple times (generally, but not always, four times) in a single turn. They also have the ability Aim, which increases their damage and ensures a successful hit.

In some games Rangers can cast some basic White Magic. Because they wield bows, Rangers are adept at fighting flying and bird-type enemies, which take additional damage from arrows and have their high evasion nullified by the Ranger's high Accuracy. Rangers overlap somewhat with Archers, but are more physically oriented while Archers rely on status attacks. The Archer class is mostly exclusive to games set in Ivalice, while with the exception of Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift, Rangers do not appear

Red Mages- Red Mages typically cast both Black and White Magic and can also wield swords and equip armor that normal Black and White Mages cannot. They are, in essence, among the more versatile characters of the series. However, their versatility comes at a price: their stats are usually low, and they cannot cast higher level spells or use stronger equipment. They can learn many spells, but not the strongest, and equip some heavy armor, but not all of it.

Thus, the Red Mage is a jack-of-all-trades, but a master of none. In certain games, Red Mages have a special ability such as Dualcast which boosts their spell casting efficiency. The standard Red Mage attire consists of red, black, and white clothing, including a red cloak with white or black trimmings, black boots and a red cap with a white feather.

Samurai- Samurai are often depicted wearing traditional Japanese attire. Their weapon of choice is the katana, but are commonly able to equip shields and heavy armor as well. Samurai abilities vary from game to game, but their signature ability is Gil Toss, which allows them to damage their opponents by throwing money at them. They also have abilities that nullify attacks and can cripple enemies by lowering their stats. Bushido has only appeared in three games in the series, but in those three times it is an ability attributed to the Samurai.

Scholar- Scholar is a recurring Job in the Final Fantasy series. Experts in the theory of warfare, Scholars provide battlefield support and wear academic robes with mortar boards.

Like Red Mages, Scholars have access to both White and Black Magic, but with a far greater range of spells from which to choose -- and often automatic access to sensory magic. The trade-off is a lack of offensive ability; unlike Red Mages, Scholars may not wield swords or daggers, and instead go into battle armed with books or grimoires. Notable Scholars include Harley from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Gunther Schultz II from Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess.

Sky Pirate- Sky Pirate is a recurring job in the Final Fantasy series. The job often has abilities similar to those found in other jobs, particularly that of Thief. In each of its playable appearances, it is a special job available to only one character. It appears for the first time in Final Fantasy: Legend of the Crystals as Rouge's job.

Thief- Most Thieves wield daggers, but some equip short swords or boomerangs. Their armor options are limited to lightweight armor and vests. They are known for having moderate physical stats, mediocre Defenses and Magic stats, and incredibly high Speed, Accuracy and Evasion. The most prominent ability of a Thief is to Steal items from their opponents. Many variations of this ability exist. With additional training, Steal can be upgraded to Mug, which steals items and inflicts damage.

Other abilities of a Thief include "Flee", which allows a free escape from a battle, and "Alert", which prevents back attacks and sometimes pincer attacks. In later installments, Thieves were also given the power to steal Gil from their opponents as well as items. In some games, the Thief can be upgraded into a Ninja.

Warrior- Warriors are characterized by equipping swords, knives, axes, shields, and armor, and having high physical stats. The Warrior is usually one of the basic jobs in each game, and its focus is strong melee damage and survivability. In later installments, Warriors were given the ability to lower the stats of their opponents.

The Knight job is generally seen as an upgrade to the Warrior, but lacks the strict offensive focus of the job, gaining supportive abilities.

White Mages- The White Mage's equipment includes staves and maces (as well as hammers in the original Final Fantasy), but in later installments they more commonly use magical rods instead. Their armor, like most mages, is limited to lightweight vests and mage robes. Their physical stats are usually higher than those of a Black Mage, but are not as high as some other classes. Their magic stats, of course, are high, though they tend to be a bit lower than a Black Mage or a Summoner.

The most prominent ability of a White Mage is to cast White Magic, which usually includes healing and support magic, but may also include Status Effect spells. In later installments, the White Mages have been given the ability Pray, in which the party's HP would be minimally restored for no cost. Their ability to heal, protect, and resurrect fallen members of the party make White Mages invaluable, as they are usually the only efficient way of healing.
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Chapter IX: Job Classes
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